International Conference

Abstract: Guidelines & Considerations

"Prior to submitting your abstract, kindly review the guidelines and considerations provided below. Submission implies compliance with these guidelines; if you do not intend to adhere to them, please refrain from submitting your abstract."

  1. Kindly verify that your membership number with the International Organization for Health, Sports, and Kinesiology (IOHSK) is current and valid.

  2. If the author(s) is not a member of IOHSK and/or not registered for the conference, the author's name will be excluded from the program and the journal in a proceeding format.

  3. To submit a proposal, you and your co-author(s), if any, must be a member of IOHSK.

  4. All listed authors in the proposal must register for the conference and pay the conference fee.

  5. If the author and/or any co-authors are unable to attend the conference in person, they must pay the virtual registration fee.

  6. One can be the first author on no more than two proposals.

  7. One can be listed as an author on no more than six proposals.

  8. Please kindly allow the Conference Evaluation Committee a minimum of 7-10 business days to deliver a final notification regarding acceptance or rejection.

  9. If your abstract is accepted, registration for the conference must be completed within 14 days; failure to do so will result in your spot being allocated to another presenter.

  10. Please note that on-site registration and payment options are not available. Each author is required to register and make payment under their own name. Please refrain from registering or making payments on behalf of others. If the registration fee is paid by someone else, we will be unable to associate the payment with your name.

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