Alsama Strategy Intern Application Form

Alsama Strategy Intern Application Form

We are looking for interns who are ready to commit with us and work within our HQ for five months on the ground.

In order for our interns to establish connections with our students, we offer you an opportunity to teach a project you are passionate about. Please lay out a brief project proposal in section 3.

Please answer all questions on the form below and upload your CV at the end.

Commitment to Alsama

Please upload a one-page PDF version of your Curriculum Vitae.

Project Proposal

We offer the opportunity for you to teach a subject you are passionate about to our students. Please give us a brief idea of what this might be. This part of the form is not compulsory, but may count positively towards your intern application.

If 'other' please state below.

In a 3-5 sentences, please outline your project details, focusing on specific deliverables that you aim to achieve with your students.