Johnson Family Pastures Meat Shares

Buying in bulk is like having a butcher shop in your own freezer. It makes meal planning easier, and gives you a  sense of assurance in your kitchen.

Stocking up is not as hard as you think. A little planning for a big payoff.

1. SIGN UP  - Signup and mail a deposit check to our farm

2. SELECT CUTS - We'll email you about a month before your share is ready with instructions on how to select the cuts for your share.

3. PICK-UP - When your share is ready we'll email you with a few options for pick-up including from our farm in western Wisconsin or the markets we attend in Minneapolis. You'll have 2 weeks to pick-up your share from the time it's finished.

Whole Lamb Share

Price - $15/lb of frozen packaged meat. Final total is calculated once meat is ready. This is not a hanging weight price, it is the price per pound for the packaged lamb meat you take home and put in your freezer. This price includes the cost of processing.


16 Rib Chops -or- 2 Racks of Lamb

12 Loin chops

6 Sirloin Chops

4 Leg shanks

2-4 Leg Roasts (whole or in-half)

2 Shoulder Roasts or 8 Shoulder Steaks

5 lbs Ground

1 lbs Stew

2 racks of Ribs

Liver, heart, bones, tongue, kidney, bones (optional)

Sold out!

Order early to avoid missing out next time

$150.00 Whole Lamb Share
Out of stock

Quarter Beef Share

Price -Approximately $1100 for 110 lbs of Grassfed Beef. Final price is calculated once meat is ready as 15% off the total retail value of the beef.


6-7 lbs Ribeye Steaks and/or Prime Rib Roast

3-6 lbs NY Strip, & Tenderloin, or T-bone & Porterhouse

2 Flat Iron Steaks

1 Flank or Tri-Tip Steak

1-2 lbs Skirt Steak

2 lbs Sirloin Steak

3-6 lbs Top Round Steak or Stew Meat

3-5 lbs Osso Bucco or Marrow Bones

1 Chuck Roast

1 Arm Roast

1 Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Rump Roast or Stew meat

1 Brisket Roast

2-4 Short Ribs

50 lbs Ground beef

Bones, liver, heart, tongue, suet (optional)

Your order of Quarter beef is customized. We will work with you to adjust the beef share contents so they meet your preferences. The above example share contents are approximate. Quantities of each items varies depending on the size of the beef cattle.

$150.00 Quarter Beef Share

Half Pork Share

Price - Approximately $595 for 70 lbs of Pasture-Raised Pork - final price is calculated once meat is ready as 15% off the total retail value of the pork.


10-11 lbs Chops

1-2 Shoulder Roasts

4-6 Coppa Steaks

1-2 Loin Roast (s)

1 Tenderloin

1 Rack of Spare Ribs

8-10 lbs of Sausage (i.e Plain Ground Pork, Bratwurst, Breakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage)

9 lbs of Bacon (strips, jowl, & ends)

2 Ham Hocks, smoked (optional)

15 lbs Ham Roasts or Steaks

liver, heart, tongue, soup bones, fat (optional)


Order 2 for a Whole Pork Share

Half Pork Share

Share Deposit

This non-refundable deposit reserves your share and is put towards the final cost of your meat share. We accept check or Venmo

Mail a check to:

Johnson Family Pastures

872 320th Ave

Frederic, WI 54837

Venmo -

Please do not turn on Venmo Purchase Protection. We cannot cover the cost of processing fees for our discounted shares.

Contact details

We will be contacting you at the email you provide in this form about a month before your share is ready. Please add to your email contacts right now, so emails from us don't end up in your spam folder. It is your responsibility to inform the farm if your contact information changes and reply to share related emails in a timely manner.

Review and place your order

Your Meat Share reservation is not final until you submit this order form and place your deposit.