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精巧的金屬襟章,盡顯柑橘鳳蝶的精緻絢麗。無論扣在背囊、布袋或衣服上,都能為物件增添幾分閃耀。A delicate and shiny metal pin that embodies the beauty of the local swallowtail butterfly. Put it on your backpack, tote or clothing, and the pin will add sparks and delight to any item.

尺寸 Size:4(W) x 3(L) cm⌇物料 Materials:琺瑯、金色電鍍、金色蝴蝶扣 Enamel, gold plating, gold butterfly clutch⌇背面有小樹林Logo鐳射 Little Woods' logo lasered on pin back

柑橘鳳蝶金屬襟章 Swallowtail Butterfly Metal Pin

250gm pack of delicious baby carrots

蝴蝶襟章 Butterfly Pin

這隻可愛的木雕小鳥是按照罕見的冬侯鳥——黑枕王鶲的外貌而製作,仔細觀察能看到牠的不同特徵,作擺設或教材都合適不過。This cute little wooden bird is handcrafted based on the Black-naped Monarch, a rare winter visitor to Hong Kong. It realistically shows the features of the bird, and makes a perfect decoration or educational material.

尺寸 Size:~4(W) x 9.5(L) x 4.5(H) cm⌇人手製作,顏色形狀或有偏差 Each wooden bird is handcrafted, and will vary in shape and colour

黑枕王鶲木雕小鳥 Black-naped Monarch Hand-carved Wooden Bird
HK$100.00 黑枕王鶲木雕 Wooden Bird (Black-naped Monarch)

這張明信片呈現了7種在香港不同類別中體型最細小的生物,明信片顯示的生物就是牠們實際的大小,一卡在手,7種小生物活靈活現在你手上!This postcard depicts 7 Hong Kong’s smallest organisms in different categories, with illustrations of the organisms scaled to life-size. By holding the postcard, you can get a sense of how dainty these species actually are.

尺寸 Size:12.7(W) x 17.8(L) cm⌇書面 Uncoated for handwriting

樹林裏的小生物明信片 Little Beings in the Woods Postcard
HK$20.00 小生物明信片 Postcard (Little Beings in the Woods)

手執這個文件夾,感受香港森林豐富多彩的生物多樣性,探索生物之間微妙的互動。將這個實用又富資訊的文件夾帶回家,為你的日常注滿生命力。This file will bring you into the vibrant Hong Kong forests while introducing you to the intricate interactions between different species. Use it to organise any loose documents and add some liveliness to your desk.

尺寸 Size:22(W) x 33(L) cm⌇適合裝載A4文件 Suitable for carrying A4 documents⌇物料 Material:PP塑膠 Polypropylene (PP)⌇背面為黑色 Black on the backside

與小樹林探索香港森林文件夾 Explore Hong Kong's Forests with Little Woods Folder
HK$20.00 森林文件夾 Forest Folder

指南繪畫了常見的昆蟲和其他節肢動物的類別,方便在生態考察中辨認這些小生物。This useful field guide illustrates major groups of insects and other arthropods, and helps you identify these little creatures in your wildlife adventures.

尺寸 Size:15.4(W) x 21.6(L) cm⌇已過膠 Laminated

節肢動物辨認指南 Little Woods’ Illustrative Guide to Arthropods
HK$20.00 辨認指南 Arthropod Guide

在沒有導賞員的帶領下,帶着這本手記和手機,便能一家人以聽故事和解謎語的形式,於3個公園學習城市生態和保育議題,探索城市的生物多樣性。With only this handbook and a mobile phone, your family can embark on an exploration of urban ecology and conservation issues whilst listening to stories and solving riddles.

語言 Language:繁體中文,廣東話錄音 Traditional Chinese with Cantonese recordings⌇最適合小學生(7-12歲)Best for age 7-12⌇包含公園 Locations:香港公園、城門谷公園和佐敦谷公園 Hong Kong Park, Shing Mun Valley Park & Jordan Valley Park⌇尺寸 Size:A5, 14.8(W) x 21(L) cm⌇頁數 No. of pages:40 按此了解更多

小樹林探索手記 Little Woods' Exploration Handbook
HK$100.00 手記 Exploration Handbook

冬天出沒的香港瘰螈肚皮上有着最應節的色彩,這張明信片描繪了這種香港唯一的有尾目兩棲動物。把卡送給親朋好友,表示你對他們真摯暖心的祝福。Having the most festive pattern on its tummy, the Hong Kong Newt is the only salamander species in Hong Kong. This unique Christmas card will bring joy and warmth to your friends and family along with your most sincere wishes.

尺寸 Size:A6, 14.8(W) x 10.8(L) cm⌇書面 Uncoated for handwriting

香港瘰螈聖誕卡 Hong Kong Newt Christmas Card
HK$15.00 瘰螈聖誕卡 Christmas Card (Hong Kong Newt)