Creating your Plushie Form

Creating your Plushie Form

Hiya Lovies!! Thank you for choosing Kogei Plushies to create your one of a kind Plush. Please fill out this form and with great details. A deposit is required okay. ^_+. Also maximum plush per order is 1. Due to amount of people waiting. PLEASE READ EVERY QUESTION AND IF IT PERTAINS TO YOUR PLUSH ANSWER IT PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Order online now.

Please choose one

Kogei Style Plush

This is for this kogei style only. This is an additional fee to the one already selected.

I have a few selection of bag plush styles. Pocket in its head and pocket in its belly. Please specify where you want the pocket when placing an order. example of bag with belly pocket is on the price guide.

Bag Plush

where do you want your pocket

ALL other plushies will be made with Minky ONLY, unless stated otherwise. if you choose a different fabric such as Cuddle faux fur add extra $10.00 to that price. if you choose mixed fabric add extra $15.00 to that price.

My keychain Plush, Minky only


The eyes are listed in my highlights on Instagram

please Put that number here..

Decorated cups either with resin or gems. sizes range from 12oz -26oz All cups are reusable and are made with reusable durable plastic. BPA free you can choose Vinyl decoration. gem decoration. both

This list is items that usually do not come with a plush. Some items I do not make and use other artist to make them. Those items are priced by those artist.

Inner Ear, wings, and feet skin!

If so please pick one.

Tell me in great details how you want your plush crafted. From the color of the both fabrics, color of eyes, which ear you want your earrings etc… leave no details out!! If you have a picture please feel free to send it to me. If you chose a themed mystery box, put the theme down, if you chose the mood, well you know you can't choose which mood you want but giving me a hint will work 😉

(Total does not include tax or shipping)

Do You have a Kogei Loyalty Card? Do you want to use your rewards? picture must be provided of your card.

you can also get a coupon code by seeking out my promoters @rhae_being_real or @Mpardo916 on Instagram then provide it down below

Payment for this baby


For US buyers:

All payments will be made through Invoice which has option for PayPal or Stripe. A deposit equal to half of the quote is due upfront via invoice. The remainder + shipping is due at the time the plush is completed.

If you require a payment plan:

  • A 2nd invoice will be sent after the deposit is paid that will allow you to pay off the remainder without minimum payments or interim due dates

  • This way, you can begin paying off your plush while it is in progress

  • Remainder must be paid off 3 months after your plush is finished

  • This effectively makes the payment plan longer since the invoice is sent before the 3 month clock begins

  • A 3rd invoice for the cost of shipping will be sent once the plush is paid off​​

  • In addition, I may place clients that require a payment plan at the end of my queue to provide additional saving time.

    For UK buyers beginning 1/1/2021:

    I am not a custom to the vat laws but I will do everything I can to help, but you are responsible for those fees, since I do not know what they are. By commissioning with me you agree to pay those fees.


No returns are offered.
If the client must cancel the commission while their plush is in progress, a partial refund will be made. I will determine the amount at my own discretion. A client can cancel without consequence if their commission has not been started yet.
If I decide to cancel the commission, a full refund will be issued.
If a plush arrives damaged, please let me know immediately and take pictures of the damage. It may be something you can fix yourself. If not, we can arrange for the plush to be sent back to me to fix it. Please do not message me every other day asking where you are on the list, Please!! or if i have started on your plush. If you have not paid for your plush then the answer is No. I Thank you for your patients and for supporting my shop.

On average, my commissions take 2--3 weeks to complete once the plush is started. This is not a guarantee. Depending on your character and my life circumstances time will vary. I cannot guarantee completion dates, but if you have a timeframe in mind, please let me know when you request a quote or commission me.

I work full-time Tuesday-Saturday in an unrelated job. Most progress will be done on Sunday and Monday and limited progress on weekday nights.

My queue can be monitored on my Trello, but the client will be kept up to date of progress through Instagram or however the customer prefer.
Resin horns takes about 3 weeks to come in. So take that into consideration.

Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

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Please review your order carefully before submitting it for processing.