Pies O' Clock


For those who would love to try all our flavours, this box is perfect for you! And a great choice for gifting too!

Each sampler box consists of

Black Pepper Beef Pie x2

Creamy Chicken Pie x1

Ribeye Steak Mala Pie x1

Seafood Mala Pie x1

Chicken Meatloaf Mala Pie x1

Sampler Box

Black Pepper Beef Pie

Minced beef, mushrooms, chopped onions braised in black pepper sauce. Topped with creamy and buttery mash and baked with cheese. Mildly spicy!

$6.00 Beef (set of 2)
$12.00 Beef (set of 4)
$18.00 Beef (set of 6)

Creamy Chicken Pie

Chunks of chicken, carrots, mushrooms cooked in a white sauce, topped with creamy home made mashed potatoes. Drizzled with cheese and baked. Kids friendly!

$5.00 Chicken (set of 2)
$10.00 Chicken (set of 4)
$15.00 Chicken (set of 6)


Order some drinks to go along with your pies!

From $3.00

Choose either regular milk or oat milk

Bottled Chilled Coffee

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