Savoury Bites

From $22.00 Kuih Bakar Lauk
From $15.00 Tahu Bergedil

Unicorn Strawberry Chocolate

Real strawberry chocolate, no artificial flavors, rainbow mini crunch and no almond topping


Mini tub is 85 grams. The price is indicative as per tub.

Unicorn Strawberry Chocolate

Choco Albab Pink Tub

Contains milk and almond toppings. All flavors are the same, only the shape of cereal is different. Bottle weight is 250 grams.

$10.00 Mini Choco Ball
$10.00 Mini Choco Rice
$10.00 Mini Choco Crunch
$10.00 Mini Choco Dorayaki

Belgian Dark Chocolate

No milk, Almond toppings, Mini Choco Crunch, 15% Dark Chocolate. Each tub weighs 260 grams.


Choose your preferred variant.

Belgian Dark Chocolate

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