Craft your own masterpiece with an array of delicious ingredients, because your perfect pie starts with you!

Step 1: What's Your Ideal Size


Serves one

A minimum of 3 orders is required

Baby Pie

Serves two to four persons

Square tray (S)

Serves four to six/eight persons

Party tray (M)

Sold out!

Order early to avoid missing out next time


Serves one to two persons

Personal tray (XS)
Out of stock

Step 2: How Meaty You Are

$0.00 Beef Minced
$0.00 Chicken Chunks
$0.00 Chicken Sausage
$0.00 Anchovies (Ikan Bilis)
$0.00 Quail Eggs
$14.00 Fresh Prawns
$7.00 Mutton
$9.00 Salmon
$0.00 No Meat

Step 3: How Saucy You Can Be

Step 4: How Spicy Can You Get

Step 5: Add Some Colors

Please do not select more than 3 vegetables

Step 6: How Cheesy Are You

$0.00 The Standard Cheese
$2.00 A Little Bit More Than The Usual
$4.00 More than the standard

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