Cross-border Online Course Private Rental Form

Service Details

1. The email address of the person who has placed a Rental Order and completed payment will be recorded on the YouTube system as the target of the seminar Private video to be shared. Limited to 50 people per video

2. The period during which you can make a video as a sharer is limited to the rental period (two weeks).

3. The rental period includes Saturdays and Sundays. The rental period is not cut by minute or hour. In addition, applications for weekends and holidays will be accepted on Mondays of Business Day. When the sharing starts, you will receive an email with a link from YouTube.

 4. You can watch YouTube videos as long as you have a viewing environment where you can watch YouTube videos normally.

 Contact us at crossborder@cdhcpa.comサービスの詳細

1.Rental Orderをされ、お支払いが完了した方のメールアドレスを、YouTubeのシステム上で、該当セミナーPrivate動画のシェア対象者として記録します。ひとつの動画で50名限定です




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