Saguaro Swag

Saguaro Swag

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$30.00 Gold Hoodie, Unisex
$30.00 Black Hoodie, Unisex
$30.00 Light Grey SHS Hoodie, Unisex
$30.00 Dark Grey SHS Hoodie, Unisex
$30.00 White Hoodie, Unisex
$30.00 Black Crewneck, Unisex
$30.00 White Crewneck, Unisex
$30.00 Dark Grey Crewneck, Unisex
$40.00 Fleece Zip up Jacket, Unisex
$20.00 Unisex- Gold Shirt
$20.00 Unisex- Black Shirt
$20.00 SagU wears Pink- T-shirt
$20.00 Unisex- White Shirt
$20.00 Unisex-  Light Grey Shirt
$20.00 Unisex- Dark Grey Shirt
$24.00 Flannel Pajama Bottoms, Unisex
$24.00 Sweatpants, Unisex
$20.00 Black Logo'd Hat
$20.00 Black/White Logo'd Hat -
$20.00 Black Logo'd Visor

Gold and black pom pom beanie

Pom Pom beanie
$20.00 Black beanie
$3.00 3 x 2.75 SHS AZ Magnet
$2.00 SHS Sticker
$4.00 SHS Lanyard

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Items will be available for pick up at the Saguaro High School front office every Thursday from 7:30 AM to 3 PM.

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