Vendor Application Form 2024

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Austin Town Hall City Market. Located at 5610 W Lake Street, Chicago IL 60644, the market takes place every Thursday from 1:00PM-6:00PM in the park in front of the historic Austin Town Hall.

*All vendors must be setup 15 minutes prior to opening of the market.

We are excited to curate a market featuring local artisans, growers, farmers, bakers, and more for the Austin neighborhood, the second largest community area in Chicago.

Our mission is to bring the community a vibrant shopping experience where residents can access healthy food, build bonds with neighbors, and enjoy time outdoors. We strive to include in our market items that are original, handmade, unique, and designed or produced locally. Complete this form to apply for a booth for the 2023 market season (June 6 - October 31).

In an effort to be honest with my customers and fully transparent to the market management, I promise to sell only those products which I produce myself or which my cooperative produces. I also agree to be honest about my production practices with both market management and my customers. I understand that breaking this oath will result in removal from the market.

Submitting this application is equivalent to your signature.

we will have you sign this document your first market day.

The undersigned, for themself and, if different, for the person or organization on behalf of whom this application is submitted, hereby covenants to indemnify Forty Acres Fresh Market and the City of Chicago and its officers, agents, employees and assigns, and to hold them harmless, from any liability and/or for any contractual or quasi-contractual obligations to third parties in connection with the activity, event use or occurrence.

Submitting this application is equivalent to your signature.

we will have you sign this document your first market day.

Check each category for which you plan to bring product to the market.

Please upload photos for use in market promotions

Please list any other markets at which you participate.

Please upload a valid business license permitting sale of your products.

If you are a food vendor preparing food in a commercial kitchen, please provide a copy of your latest inspection and a lease agreement with your kitchen.

If you are a cottage industry vendor, please submit an Illinois Department of Public Health approved Food Service Sanitation Management Certificate and any subsequent licenses/certificates.

If you are a prepared food vendor, or plan to hand out samples please submit your Summer Festival Food Vendor Sanitation Certificate. More information on this at the Chicago Department of Public Health,


Please provide your IL sales tax ID

All applicants must carry commercial liability insurance ($1 million) for protection against damages in the event an injury occurs at the Market or an injury is caused by the product(s) they sell at the Market.

All vendors please submit the following certificate of insurance:

City of Chicago
78 E. Washington, Room 350
Chicago, IL 60602
Forty Acres Fresh Market LLC
1510 W Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

as additionally insured
$15.00 Select interested dates (1 stall)