Sourcing & Fulfillment Supervisor

Forty Acres is seeking a Sourcing and Fulfillment Supervisor to oversee day to day operations for our multichannel (in person markets and delivery service) grocery business. Inventory management is a key part of this job, including: sourcing and purchasing fresh produce from wholesale suppliers, maintaining suitable inventory levels, and identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation. SKU tracking and management is a critical component of the role so knowledge of produce sizing and cases is very important. Strict attention to detail is needed for success.

This is a manager's role with staff supervisory responsibilities. This includes the management and supervision of warehouse and delivery staff for delivery fulfillment, quality control processes, procurement, and inventory management. This person will play a key role in warehouse staffing decisions. The manager will regularly evaluate and provide reporting on warehouse productivity. This role requires the use of the following types of online applications:

  • transportation planning

  • workflow management applications

  • Google productivity suite


This is a hands on position as the manager will work alongside frontline staff.

Full Job Description Here

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