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We are a start up company which sell organic produce online. Initially we would send out our order form using only google forms. It had its draw back: it didn’t show the clients the sum total of their order or provide a summary of their order. It was a blessing to find this addon that works together with our google form. Great tool!

Great add-on! I was able to use it to calculate my customers’ total bills after they filled up their order forms, which regular Google Forms can’t do. Very helpful and fast customer service as well. I highly recommend this.

I am using neartail for few days already.. and could only say how brilliant this add on.. it summarize customer orders and auto calculate the total to pay. Its so easy to setup and what i love more about this. This is what i always looking for and always hoping somebody could develop an add on like this. Now you made it.

From grocery stores to restaurants.
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