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Meal prep order form
Meal prep order form

For Meal Prep

Lunch order form
Lunch order form

For Canteen

A la carte menu
A la carte menu

For Restaurant

Pizza order form (Variants)
Pizza order form (Variants)

For Pizzeria

Pickup order form
Pickup order form

For Others

Blank form


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Neartail was an awesome revelation for us; it helped us kickstart a category instantly without having to deal with tech challenges had we gone through our website. It is an amazing tool in both looks and functionalities.

I am using neartail for few days already.. and could only say how brilliant this add on.. it summarize customer orders and auto calculate the total to pay. Its so easy to setup and what i love more about this. This is what i always looking for and always hoping somebody could develop an add on like this. Now you made it.

Getting a great software is one thing , and getting great service is another . Its very rare that the both meet. But with this app , both of them are unified so well. I bought this app for my wife’s venture , to accept kitchen orders on WhatsApp , the features are amazing , and great customer service , I was literally taken through by Vipin around some amazing features that the app has. Thank you.

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Form builder for order forms.
Works with Google Forms & Sheets.

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