How to add a coupon code to offer discounts to your customers?

You can configure your coupon codes in Google Forms by adding a Short Answer question with regular expression response validation. To apply discounts based on this coupon code, you must write the calculations in Neartail.

How to configure valid coupon codes in Google Forms?

How to apply discounts based on coupon codes?

Add a short answer question with number response validation in Google Forms and then add the formula in Formfacade to calculate the amount after discount. Please follow the instructions below.

Use IFS function to apply discounts based on coupon

IFS function evaluates multiple conditions and returns a value that corresponds to the first true condition. The syntax for the IFS function is:

IFS(condition1, value1, [condition2, value2, …])

  • condition1 - The first condition to be evaluated.
  • value1 - The returned value if condition1 is TRUE. condition2, value2, …
  • Additional conditions and values if the first one is evaluated to be false.

If the coupon code is WELCOME20, we will apply a 20% discount by multiplying the total amount by 0.80. Otherwise, zero discount i.e. amount to be paid is the total amount for the products ordered.
IFS(Apply Coupon == "WELCOME20", 0.80 * Total Amount, Total Amount)

Use CURRENCY function to format the amount

CURRENCY function displays the number in currency format. The syntax for the currency function is:

CURRENCY(symbol, number)

  • symbol - The currency symbol to be displayed
  • number - This could be a number or a calculation that returns a number.

We will use the currency function to format the calculated total amount and display it as a currency. CURRENCY("$", IFS(Apply Coupon == "WELCOME20", 0.80 * Total Amount, Total Amount))

Fixed amount discount

Instead of applying a percentage discount for the coupon code, you can offer a fixed dollar amount discounts. Let's say you want to offer a $5 discount for WELCOME20 coupon code. So, if the coupon code entered by the user is WELCOME20, we will simply subtract 5 from Total amount.

CURRENCY("$", IFS(Apply Coupon == "WELCOME20", Total Amount-5, Total Amount))