How to calculate shipping fees based on delivery zones?

You can use the Fee function to calculate the shipping fee based on delivery zone/area selected by the user.

How to calculate the shipping fee?

Add a multiple choice or dropdown question to show the different delivery zones and a short answer question to display the delivery fee. Once the questions have been added in Google Forms, the formula for calculating the delivery fee can added in the Neartail. Please follow the instructions below.

Use FEE function to calculate the shipping costs

FEE function assigns fees for each answer choices in a multiple choice, dropdown or checkbox question. The syntax for the fee function is:

FEE(currency, question, value1, [value2, …])

  • currency - The currency symbol to be displayed
  • question - The entry#id of the question. Type @ and select the required question from the list.
  • value1, value2 … valuen - Fees for the first, second … nth answer choice

Let's say there are three delivery zones -- Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 -- and the fees for the three delivery zones are $10, $15 and $12 respectively. The FEE formula for calculating the delivery fees based on the zone selected by the user is: FEE("$",Choose the delivery area, 10, 15, 12)

How to add the shipping costs and order amount?