How to get a custom URL for your order form?

You can generate an easy-to-remember custom url for your account using the GET PERMALINK option. Your custom url will have the two letter country code and your business or store name.

Step 1: Open your Google Forms > Click on the Addon icon > Select Neartail > Select Customize this form > Click on the Customize button.
In the Neartail customize interface, click on the share icon in the top right corner of the page.
Step 2: Share this form popup will be displayed with the short link for your form. Click on the GET PERMALINK button.
Step 3: Create permalink screen will be displayed. The country code will be set based on your location. Enter your preferred name and click on the CREATE button.
Step 4: You will see your custom url in the share screen. Copy the link and click on the DONE button. You can now use this custom url to collect responses.

Points to remember

  • You can have only one custom url for an account
  • The store name in the custom url must have a minimum of 8 characters
  • The store name in the custom url can only have lowercase characters, hyphens and numbers

For example,

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