How to add order id in the confirmation email subject?

You can customize the subject line to include Order ID or other relevant details from the form. Add the entry#id for the Order ID in the subject & it will show the auto-generated id.

By adding unique fields such as name, email, phone etc in the subject line of email notifications for new orders, your staff team members can easily search and find orders instantly.

By using key details such as amount to be paid, pickup time etc in the subject line of the order confirmation emails, you can make it easy for your users to get more context about the email.

How to customize the email subject?

You can customize the email subject using any of the form fields. To include the Order ID in the subject, you must have added an order field in the form and configured the formula to autogenerate an order id. You can refer to this help article.

Step 1: Click on the Add field option in the message editor. Select the Order ID field from the list. It will add the entry id for that form field.
Step 2: Copy the entry id from the message editor and paste it in the subject as shown below.
Example order confirmation email with customized subject & Order ID