How to create your website?

You can automatically convert your order form into a website with a single click and grow your business by making it easy for the new users to discover your business, brand and products.

Step 1: Login to Neartail > list of your forms will be displayed > click on the form to open it.
Step 2: Edit page will be displayed > click Share
Step 3: In the Share page, standard short link for the form will be displayed in the Link tab > click Create website
Step 4: Enter your store or brand name and click Confirm. If required, you can click on the edit icon to change the default country. Once created, the custom brand link cannot be changed.
Step 5: Once you create the website, you can share the link for the main page with your customers to collect orders.

Share page > Website tab

The website tab in the Share page will display 3 links.

  • Link to the website (home page)

  • Link to the main page (order form)

  • Link to the community page

When you create the website, it automatically adds a home page, products page and the main page. You can edit the website to add an About us, Contact us and Community page to the website. You can click here to learn about the different components of the website and how you can customize it.

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