How to offer free shipping for orders above a specified threshold amount?

You can use IFS function to set shipping costs as zero for total amounts exceeding the specified threshold amount.

How to calculate shipping fees based on order amount?

Use IFS function to set shipping costs based on order amount

IFS function evaluates multiple conditions and returns a value that corresponds to the first true condition. The syntax for the IFS function is:

IFS(condition1, value1, [condition2, value2, …])

  • condition1 - The first condition to be evaluated.
  • value1 - The returned value if condition1 is TRUE.
  • condition2, value2, … - Additional conditions and values if the first one is evaluated to be false.

Standard shipping fee
If the order amount is greater than $500, shipping fees will be zero. Otherwise, a standard fee of $25.
IFS(Order amount > 500, CURRENCY("$", 0), CURRENCY("$", 25))

Shipping fee based on the delivery zone
Instead of standard shipping fee of $50 for all orders above $500, we can use the FEE function to calculate the shipping fee based on the zone selected by the user.
IFS(Order amount > 500, CURRENCY("$", 0), FEE("$", Choose the delivery zone, 10, 15, 12))