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An extra 5 minutes of work to incorporate my Google Forms into my website and present a more unified brand look, that is extremely valuable.

Aimee Cerka,


I really enjoy using Google Form as a tool to do my job, but appearance is not its best part. Formfacade helped me embed it in my website and make it look more professional.

Alexandre Bosch Puig-Alsina, DAGGAS


We were using Google Forms for almost 2 years, but when we found Formfacade we immediately switched to Formfacade for its aesthetics and possibility of form customization in greater detail. It enhances the customers’ perception of your website and your brand.

Caio Cézar,


I’m an extensive user of Google Forms. Now I can’t image using Google Forms without Formfacade. It has added both art and functionality to Google Forms.

Gokhan Ozkan,



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Let your customers easily browse the online menu, choose dishes by category and place orders.

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Experience the ease of taking orders, collecting payments, sending email confirmations, receipts and analyzing real-time sales numbers with this comprehensive online restaurant order form tool.

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Add formula to calculate order total, sales tax, service and delivery charges easily.

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Let your customers choose for curbside pickup or delivery location at their convenience. You can get their delivery fee calculated dynamically and added to their order total.

Accept online payments

Make it easy for your customers to pay you directly through your form when they place their orders. Let them pay by credit cards, cash-on-delivery or popular payment solutions like PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, GPay or WhatsApp Pay.

Track orders easily to fulfill

Fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. Easily handle orders, cancellations and refunds all-in-one place .

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See where your customers are abondoning the order and optimize it for more sales.

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Get insights from your sales and inventory to your customer data to effectively grow your revenue and profitability.

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Give them a smooth checkout experience. Build a pleasant relationship with your customer by sending them instant notifications of order summary and delivery/payment confirmation receipts.

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