How to submit Google Forms responses to WhatsApp on desktop

Install the WhatsTarget addon for Google Forms, configure your WhatsApp number and then share the WhatsTarget form link with your users to receive form responses via WhatsApp.

When a user opens the WhatsTarget link on their desktop computer, fills the form and clicks on the Send Message button, first they are taken to the WhatsApp Chat page. It shows the Form creator's WhatsApp number along with the pre-composed message (form response). When the user clicks on the Chat button, users can choose to use the WhatsApp web or download the Desktop app to send the response via WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsTarget Google Forms on your computer?

Step 1: Click on the WhatsTarget form link to open your customized Google Form.
Step 2: Fill in the details and click on the Send Message button. It will open the Click to chat WhatsApp page in a new tab.
Step 3: Your form response will be pre-filled as a WhatsApp message that can sent by clicking on the "Continue to chat" button.
Step 4: If you haven't installed the WhatsApp desktop app, it will ask you to download WhatsApp or use WhatsApp web. Click on the WhatsApp web link.
Step 5: Your form response will be automatically created as a message that can be sent to the form creator by just clicking on the Send button.