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Use our readymade template to create this Google form. Customize it further using our form builder.

Create contest registration form in minutes

Order form builder
  • navigate_next Use AI-powered wizard to setup this form
  • navigate_next Supports form layout info
  • navigate_next Shows all products in one page
  • navigate_next Contains 1 products in total info
  • navigate_next Supports single page checkout
  • navigate_next Enable payment on checkout

Take online orders from community members

Google payment form
  • navigate_next Embed the form in your website or intranet
  • navigate_next Generate QR code & print them for offline discovery
  • navigate_next Accept credit card payment through Stripe
  • navigate_next Accept manual payment for zero transaction fee
  • navigate_next Enable autologin to prefill details of repeat customers
  • navigate_next Send confirmation email on submit
  • navigate_next Follow up abondon customers with template email

Track your orders in Google Sheets & Reports

Export orders to Google Sheets
  • navigate_next Sync your orders & line items to Google Sheets
  • navigate_next Use Google Sheets to integrate with accounting system
  • navigate_next Streamline your order processing using kanban board
  • navigate_next Notify your team with email, sound when order arrives
  • navigate_next Print pickup lists, packing lists to fulfill orders
  • navigate_next Use reports to see orders sold by product, customer etc.

Scale your business without IT team

Ecommerce site builder
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  • navigate_next Introduce your company with About us page
  • navigate_next Collect feedback using Contact us page
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These reviews are reproduced without modification from Google Workspace Marketplace.

November 30, 2023

5 stars

We utilized Neartail to make our ordering form more robust within Google Forms. The customizable template and ability to create formulas to help with tax on supplies was a life saver for a huge order we worked on for two of our locations. I could not be happier with Neartail, and the customer service that I received from Vipin. He was very responsive and helped so much!

— Kendra Joseph

October 31, 2023

5 stars

It is an excellent addon that helps you create an amazing website. I'm really happy with the result, the service support is really good and fast answering and solving issues. We have been using this addon for more than a year and it is a really good experience. I recommend strongly this addon. Thanks!!!

— David Pastor

September 4, 2023

5 stars

I loved how easy it was to set up a simple website with a professional appearance for our temporary merchandise site. I'm not technical so building something from scratch would have been impossible and we are a small NFP without budget to have a website built for us. The reporting functionality is great and easy to navigate and technical support was only an email away with fast responses. Monthly cost was very reasonable. Overall delighted with the service. Thanks!!

— Heiko Jonkers

July 19, 2023

5 stars

Neartail is a simple, well-built tool and their customer support is fantastic! We use the software as a will-call for our internal ops, and it has added a lot of value for our business. Thanks to Vipin and team for a great experience thus far. They are always ready and willing to help, and even jump on a call when needed. Looking forward to scaling this further

— Kevin Leikin

September 22, 2023

5 stars

We used it for an event, and the feedback from everyone was overwhelmingly positive. It proved to be user-friendly and efficient on the backend while providing an exceptional experience on the front end. The features and analytics were outstanding. We certainly plan to use it again and enthusiastically recommend it to others.

— Shameer Abdeen

November 6, 2023

5 stars

Super easy to use. I do not need to use it often so I tend to unsubscribe when my team no longer needs to order uniforms. But I always sign back up when I need it.

— Anne Mao

November 10, 2023

5 stars

I love the ease of converting a Google form into a form that calculates a total cost, and links directly to Venmo!

— Ohio Passion Fastpitch

October 6, 2023

5 stars

Just needed a one time place for people to sign up for a craft fair. Worked great!

— shellygirlrn

November 29, 2023

5 stars

I like Neartail features like ease of order total and payment processing

— mjboohaker

October 19, 2023

5 stars

It lets you only add one additional language for free. To add another language option, you have to purchase. Also, it does not work with organizations' Google Workspace - you have to disable the option to restrict the survey to only the organizations' members. It also appears to collect too much data from your survey - not worth it.

— Ayissi Joachim