Accept payment in Google Forms


Enable peer-to-peer payment like
UPI, paypal and venmo in Google Forms

Why us?

Real time settlement

If you use payment gateways like Stripe, they will take 3 - 7 days to deposit your money. With us, your customers will pay you directly and you will get your money instantly.

Easier than credit card

Your customers can pay in 1-click with their mobile app instead of searching for credit card. It is also easy for you to set it up. You can set it up in 5 minutes and receive payment without company setup/paperwork.

10x cheaper

Payment gateways charge 3% transaction fee to compensate for fraudulent payments. We leverage existing payment apps and charge a subscription fee instead of transaction fee.

From startups to corporates. 2,500+ companies trust us.

What They Say?

An extra 5 minutes of work to incorporate my Google Forms into my website and present a more unified brand look, that is extremely valuable.

Aimee Cerka,


I really enjoy using Google Form as a tool to do my job, but appearance is not its best part. Formfacade helped me embed it in my website and make it look more professional.

Alexandre Bosch Puig-Alsina, DAGGAS


We were using Google Forms for almost 2 years, but when we found Formfacade we immediately switched to Formfacade for its aesthetics and possibility of form customization in greater detail. It enhances the customers’ perception of your website and your brand.

Caio Cézar,


I’m an extensive user of Google Forms. Now I can’t image using Google Forms without Formfacade. It has added both art and functionality to Google Forms.

Gokhan Ozkan,


Accept peer-to-peer payment
in Google Forms